Tippet Rise Art Center坐落于美国蒙大纳州黄石公园,在一万一千多英亩的广袤土地上,这一独特的景观环境将成为全新的户外艺术及音乐表演胜地。如何将丰富的本地生物群落和自然风貌,与人为的艺术和建筑景观相结合是该项目所面临的巨大挑战。

Located at the edge of Yellowstone Park in Montana, Tippet Rise Art Center -with an extension over eleven thousand acres of wilderness- is born as a new destination for the arts, in which music performances and large-scale outdoor sculptures play a major role. How the current local fauna and ranching activity can coexist with the added artistic and architectural interventions is a challenge that the project needs to embrace.




Working with earth, with rocks, and learning from their formation logic, different techniques and processes are developed to manipulate the structural, acoustical and thermal properties of these local materials at different scales; and geological transformation processes –sedimentation, erosion, weathering, crystallization, compaction, metamorphism- reinterpreted to cultivate structures made of landscape, from landscape. Structures that stir existing matter and reinforce it, using highly engineered processes while welcoming unpredictable results. The forms obtained have been twinned with those taken from the land that previously contained and supported them when in state of rest, from which they retain memory and imprint and to which they introduce new meaning and tension. They are structures of landscape because they are born from it and give it order, transforming matter into inhabitable space and unfolding a new constellation of programs among the plateaus, ridges, canyons and hills of brutal beauty that compose the site.




Structures of Landscape enable habitation without exploitation, and intimate relationships with the environment. They resonate with the immensity, the roughness, the silence and the magic loneliness of the place amplifying its values, and situate our actions in an ambiguous position between nature, architecture and art; they can be one and all, or a completely different category that only makes sense where it was born.



Location: Fishtail, Montana, USA.
Design years: 2015-2016
Construction: 2016
Author of the Project: ENSAMBLE STUDIO
Principals: Antón García-Abril & Debora Mesa
Project team: Javier Cuesta (Construction Master), Ricardo Sanz (Project Director), Massimo Loia, Borja Soriano, Simone Cavallo.
Structural engineer: Ensamble Studio -Jesús Huerga-;
General Contractor: OSM
Collaborator Companies: Davis and Sons; CMG; Mountain West Steel
Program: Art Center
Structural system: Reinforced concrete
Major material: Concrete
Photo credits:
Iwan Baan
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The Netherlands
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