INFORM Contract和家具品牌BuzziSpace为温哥华室内设计展打造了一间休息室,旨在为与会人员提供安静的区域,方便其进行通话、收发邮件、充电和开展会议等。这间休息室还将用于展示家具、灯具、声学设备以及办公情景,以满足不断增加的流动办公者的使用需求。

INFORM Contract and BuzziSpace present the useable CoWork lounge at IDS Vancouver for attendees to retreat to a quiet zone to catch up on emails, make a phone call, charge devices or have a meeting. The lounge will showcase furniture, lighting and acoustic solutions and workplace options for the rapidly growing trend of co-working for nomadic workers.

▼展区休息室由INFORM Contract和家具品牌BuzziSpace共同打造,the CoWork lounge at IDS Vancouver designed by INFORM Contract and BuzziSpace

考虑到新的工作方式,人们对办公空间的灵活度也有了更高的要求。“根据2018年CBRE的全美在职者调查报告,我们认为协作式办公开始流行的原因在于房产成本的上涨以及租赁灵活性的激增,不论是在本国还是其他地区,”CBRE办公场所策划顾问Yvonne Littlewood说道,“我们希望协作办公模式能够在未来三年内取得更显著的发展。” 设计团队十分了解在空间中创建灵活微环境的必要性,它能够根据个人需求和工作任务来提供更多办公选择。除了传统的办公室之外,本次的CoWork休息室还为使用者们带来了多元化的移动办公空间、会议区以及专注工作区等。

▼本次的CoWork休息室为使用者们带来了多元化的办公空间、会议区和休闲区等,the CoWork lounge was created for people to experience the mobile office, varied meeting areas, and focused workspaces outside of the traditional office space

▼会议区域,meeting area

▼休息和娱乐区域,seating and leisure area

▼BuzziBalance座椅为办公场景带来不一样的舒适体验,take a break from your standard office chair to awaken your body and mind with BuzziBalance

▼室内细部,interior detailed view

Due to the new ways of working, changes in the office real estate landscapes result in a higher demand for flexible working spaces. “In light of CBRE’s Americas Occupier Survey Report 2018, we believe that the popularity of co-working is a response to rising real-estate cost and the surge towards leasing flexibility, both in our local market and beyond,” says Yvonne Littlewood, Workplace Strategy Consultant for CBRE. “We expect the co-working model to build even more momentum in the coming three years.” BuzziSpace understands the need for creating a range of flexible microenvironments within a space, providing people with the choice of where to work depending on individual wants and various tasks. INFORM Contract and BuzziSpace teamed up to create the CoWork lounge for people to experience the mobile office, varied meeting areas, and focused workspaces outside of the traditional office space.

▼可根据使用需求进行调节的模块化办公系统,a flexible and modular freestanding system that can easily be rearranged to the needs of the office space

▼灵活的办公空间,a flexible co-work space

▼不受声音干扰的专属工作舱,BuzziVille Hub Open has been used to create an island of its own without disconnecting from the surroundings

▼用于专注工作的BuzziBooth,BuzziBooth for focused working

▼带有隔音板的休息区,recharge in silence in the acoustic shelter of BuzziSpark


The CoWork booth will include acoustic retreat zones, such as the BuzziBooth for focused work and the BuzziHood to take phone calls. Additionally, the lounge will also feature a picnic table meeting area, acoustic wall panels, and acoustic lighting options. Experience the CoWork lounge, booth 917 at IDS Vancouver.

▼用于通话的BuzziHood,BuzziHood for calling